Profile of Roberto Montenegro & LAM

La sencillez crea belleza - Simplicity creates beauty –

Roberto Montenegro and Lam are synonymous with traditional tango free of artifice.

Simplicity creates beauty” represents an attitude and aesthetic that sets them apart from others.

Roberto and Lam combine the essence of tango from the 40’s, playing with the lyrics and rhythm of each song, bringing out the “porteño” and actor in Roberto, with an elegant and smooth sway in their movement that imitatesthe ebb and flow of the ocean tide.”


They move with an energy that is very concentrated and silent, containing “a zen-like calmness.” In this way, they bring together two different sides of tango and emanate a unique style.


Since the beginning of their partnership, in 2009, they have performed more than 70 exhibitions in historic milongas of Buenos Aires. They are members of the AMBCTA (Asociacion de Maestros, Bailarines y Coreografos de Tango Argentino – Association of Teachers, Dancers and Choreographers of Argentine Tango) and have no less than 200 students in Buenos Aires and Japan. In 2011, thier intensive workshops in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka were organized for 3 months in Japan and applouded with thier unique method of teaching. Currently they teach group classes at the famous milonga, Salón Canning.


Their search for and investigation into what generates the “best quality of movement” is what they hope to transmit to others. They stress that it is very important for their students develop a “natural movement,” because bodies, for dancers, are instruments.


* Winners of the 2009 Pre-World Cup Vicente Lopez Championship in the divisions of “Tango Salón” and “Milonga,”

* Fifth Place in “Tango Salón” – Tango World Cup 2009

* Fourth Place in “Tango Salón” and Fifth Place in “Milonga” and “Vals” – Buenos Aires Metropolitan Tango Championship 2010.



How he embraces, how he desires the woman – this is tango.

You have to dance embracing each other – Applause!”

(Orlando Paiva, ACETA 2005)

Roberto Montenegro

Roberto Enrique Montenegro, professional tango dancer and teacher, was in the cast of the show Señor Tango and has performed exhibitions in many celebrated tango show-houses such as Esquina Homero Manzi, Café Tortoni and Bar Sur, dancing to the music of distinguished artists and their groups such as: Orquesta de Ernesto Franco, Orquesta de Leopoldo Federico, Color Tango, Los Reyes de Tango, La Orquesta de Emilio Balcarce y José Colangelo. In 2008, he toured South America as part of the cast of the successful company, “La Pasión del Tango.”


Self-taught, Roberto danced his first steps imitating the greats while watching “Sólo Tango.” He was a disciple of masters Carlitos Perez and Silvio Lavia. In 2005, he entered The Academy of Tango Styles – la Academia de Estilos de Tango Argentino (ACETA), where he learned the soul, essence and secrets of tango from some of its greatest masters.  


Also in 2005, Roberto competed for the first time in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Tango Championship and was named finalist in the categories of “Tango Salón” and “Tango Milonga.” He then continued to be named finalist in these categories for the next five years. Additionally, he was a finalist in the division of “Tango Salón” in the 2005 Tango World Cup.


Another unforgettable experience was hearing the words of Osvaldo Zotto, a huge reference point for him, at the end of the 2008 Tango World Cup, where Roberto won 6th place in the division of “Tango Salón.” Osvaldo personally congratulated him with enthusiasm: “Very elegant! Dancing with the music, stepping with your toe. The best!”


Roberto Montenegro is a poet of movement. For him, the embrace, the way of walking and musicality are all concepts that one feels because the tango “is a composition of the feet and the head. It’s a feeling that is danced – it’s having your heart in your feet.” His love of teaching is reflected in his desire to transmit everything he knows. “I give you my knowledge, I transmit to you my experience,” he says, and this way, the tango stays alive.


“Look how elegantly and rhythmically he is dancing,

stepping smoothly and to the beat of the music,

Look at him – This is tango!”

(El chino Perico, ACETA 2005).




Lam was born in Osaka, Japan, and she became familiar with Argentine Tango when she worked for an international organization in her country, and from there, fell in love with the tango. So much was her affection that in 2005, she began her career as a professional tango dancer in Tokyo. Two years later, she won first place in the division of “Stage Tango” at the Tango World Cup in Asia. She was a cast member in renowned shows such as “Tango Libertad” and famous shows such as “Dinner Show produced by the Imperial Hotel” and “Dinner Show produced by Nadaman-Applause.”


Lam was the first Japanese tango dancer to receive the scholarship for Emerging Artist in the International Training Program for Cultural Affairs, granted by Japan’s Department of Culture. This enabled her to travel to Buenos Aires in 2008, where she became a follower of masters Carlitos Perez and Natalia Hills. In 2009, she formed her partnership with Roberto Montenegro and together they won fifth place at the Tango World Cup in the division of “Tango Salón.”


Since then, Lam has been living in Argentina.   She and Roberto perform exhibitions and share their love of teaching by dictating classes to both Argentines and foreigners alike.


Additionally, Lam was able to fulfill her dream of creating her own line of tango shoes. This process stemmed from her obsession in finding the perfect form and the perfect heel, the key element being that of what she and Roberto search to achieve in their movement – the beauty of simplicity.

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